Herdade da Coitadinha spreads across 1000 hectares and was purchased by EDIA  (Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infraestruturas de Alqueva, S.A. - Alqueva Development and Infrastructure Enterprises) in 1997. The purpose is to provide some sort of compensation for the loss of natural habitats and ‘montado’ ecosystems, riparian galleries and Mediterranean woodland, which was caused by the construction of the great Alqueva dam.

The reason for choosing an area slightly distanced from Alqueva’s direct influence is the fact that this particular territory belongs to Rede Natura 2000 - Special Protection Zone Moura-Mourão-Barrancos - due to its extremely rich natural landscape, its cultural heritage and the presence of a vast and well preserved area of holm oak groves (‘montado’).

EDIA’s mission is to ensure that these unique characteristics are preserved and its value properly developed.