The Noudar Natural Park is located in a farm estate called Herdade da Coitadinha, ‘over-the-hills’ between the winding rivers Ardila and Múrtega and lodged among hills and summits near the town of Barrancos (Alentejo, Portugal). The road from the Park’s entrance to the Noudar Castle goes through an extensive holm oak grove (‘montado’) area, ending with a majestic view to the confluência das duas linhas de água.

Walking the ancient foot trails and dirt roads you will find other stories, valley floors where water windmills rest, wild woods on slopes that slide into the rivers, rocky ridges that rise above the landscape.

The pastures, holm oak and olive groves, grazing cows and herds of black pigs are all common to neighboring farms in this region. But here, a more abrupt and rocky relief has protected dense enclaves of holm oaks and forest and dense forests where light penetrates with difficulty - a few remaining holdouts in a landscape greatly altered by humans.

In Noudar, life presents itself in a state of wilderness and absolute purity.