Pançona is a fountain located on the banks of the Ardila River, near the Monte da Coitadinha, where the people of Barrancos usually go for picnics…
This was the name we chose for our reastaurant, with a view for the Noudar Castle, where the meals have meals Mediterranean flavours and countryside aromas, all served in a warm and cozy environment. CHEF NUNO SANTOS will help you to become acquainted with the fresh products that come directly from our orchards and vegetable gardens.

Our suggestions:

  • Lovage soup
  • Purslane soup
  • Roasted cod
  • Fish soup
  • Mixed grilled black pork
  • Noudar roast beef
  • season’s hunt
  • Sericaia
  • Cottage cheese in the oven…


Sandwiches | coffee or tea | water or juice | 1 fruit | mini-toasts + pâté | dumplings + jam

NOUDAR PICNIC [by appointment only] €15.00

Countryside + cheeses or sausages | olives | composite salad