Mertolengas and Garvonesas

In the extensive holm oak “montado” area of the Park, it is also possible to observe beautiful specimens of Mertolengo cattle bred extensively. The aim is for the cattle with the Noudar brand to become a national reference for a Mertolengo herd of high genetic quality.

The choice of this native breed is justified by the tradition of its exploitation in the region, as well as the history of Herdade da Coitadinha, where one of its distinctive coat patterns was developed. The Park is registered as a producer of Mertolengo PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) beef.

During the “montanheira” season (November to February), we receive some specimens of black Iberian pigs for fattening in our “montados” through the consumption of acorns, the fruit of the holm oak.

The Garvonesa cattle breed, once very common in the Alentejo fields, was on the verge of extinction. Taking advantage of the agro-silvo-pastoral space provided by Herdade da Coitadinha, near Barrancos, now Noudar Nature Park, EDIA decided to join the recovery efforts for this breed and its genetic material, joining the small number of Portuguese breeders, little more than a dozen, and establish its own herd. Today, there are about a thousand specimens in Portugal, with fifty of them at NOUDAR.